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Danone Nutricia Academy is a platform which aims to share scientific information and education on Nutrition across life stages with health care professionals (HCPs) via various engagement mediums. With a vision to champion nutrition for new generations, we would like to bring together HCPs to learn, share and network with their peers in the medical community.

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Case Study of the Month

Growth faltering in 5-month old child suffering from congestive heart failure

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Know Your Synopsis

Impact of Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids supplements on Neurodevelo...

Infant formula containing LCPUFA supplementation improves infant’s visual...

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Slide Deck

Growth assessment in Preterm infants

Discussion: Neonatologist and Paramedic

Feeding Difficulties in Preterm/LBW Infants

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Expert Voice

FAQ’s in Preterm Care and Nutrition Answered by Experts

By- Dr. Arvind Shenoi, Dr. Nilesh Nikhilesh Rao

Nutrition in preterm infants is important for growth, metabolism and immunity. What are the developm..

Patients Material

Eating Healthful For Successfu..

A Healthy Pre-pregnancy Weight..

Determining Healthy Body Weigh..

Pre-conception Nutrition

A Healthy Pre-pregnancy Weight..

Breast Feeding Benefits

Breast Milk Wonders

Breast Milk Composition

Overcoming Breastfeeding Problems

Feeding Your Baby

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Nurses Corner

We have included modules to enhance your knowledge through audio-visual aids and reading material.

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News Update

Who Decides The Definition of 'Medical Negligence''?

Posted on NOV, 2018

Medical Counselling in India - A Forgotten Art?

Posted on NOV, 2018
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Tools for your Practice

24 hour Dietary Recall

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Sample Menu Plan

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Biochemical Parameters: Reference Values and Interpretation

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