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Danone Nutricia Academy is a platform which aims to share scientific information and education on Nutrition across life stages with health care professionals (HCPs) via various engagement mediums. With a vision to champion nutrition for new generations, we would like to bring together HCPs to learn, share and network with their peers in the medical community.

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Malnutrition in Preschoolers- An Overview

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By - Danone Nutricia Academy
Malnutrition is a significant public health concern, and it poses a critical child health issue nationwide.


Calendar 2022

14th Nov : World diabetes Day

17th Nov: Prematurity Day

10th Jan: Dietitians Day

22nd - 24th February: World Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases [WSPID]

4th March: World Obesity Day

17th - 19th March: N&G 2022

1st May: Doctors Day

6th May: National Nurses Day

22nd - 25th June: ESPGHAN 2022

27th June: Microbiome Day

1st - 3rd July: EACCI

8th July: World Allergy Day

24th - 30th July : The Protein Week

1st - 7th Aug: Breastfeeding Week

1st - 7th Sep: National Nutrition Week

20th - 21st Sep: International Conference on Pediatric Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

15th-17th Sep: International Congress on Probiotics, Prebiotics in Pediatrics

25th Sep: World Pharmacist Day

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Growth assessment in Preterm infants

Growth assessment in Preterm infants

Discussion: Neonatologist and Paramedic

Discussion: Neonatologist and Paramedic

Feeding Difficulties in Preterm/LBW Infants

Feeding Difficulties in Preterm/LBW Infants

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Expert Voice

A study on Quality of Life in Indian adults-Outcomes and role of nutrition

A study on Quality of Life in Indian adults-Outcomes and role of nutrition

By- Dr. Madhavi Marathe, Dr. Pushkala Padmanabh

Quality of Life (QoL) encompasses a multi-dimensional concept of an individual’s general well-bein..

Patients Material

Tackling picky eating in preschoolers

Tackling Picky Eating In Presc..

Paediatric Massage Therapy and Infant Growth

Paediatric Massage Therapy And..

Effects Of Urbanization On Infant Gut Microbiota

Effects Of Urbanization On Inf..

Understanding the difference : Cow's Milk Allergy vs Lactose Intolerance

Understanding The Difference :..

Importance of micro-nutrients in Indian Children

Importance Of Micro-nutrients ..

Pregnancy Weight Gain

Pregnancy Weight Gain

Iron Deficiency Anemia During Pregnancy

Iron Deficiency Anemia During ..

Food Guide For MUMS-TO-BE

Food Guide For Mums-to-be..

Baby And You

Baby And You

Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness

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We have included modules to enhance your knowledge through audio-visual aids and reading material.

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24 hour Dietary Recall

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Sample Menu Plan

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Biochemical Parameters: Reference Values and Interpretation

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