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Tools for your practice

This section brings you tools to help you in your day to day clinical practice. We have provided you with tools such as WHO growth charts, motor development milestones and others to help you monitor the health and nutritional status of your patients. Also try our online medical calculators like Body surface area and Body mass index.

Food Diary

Food diary is a tool that helps in capturing patients food habits and dietary intake. It helps to understand the current dietary intake and assists in diet planning

Biochemical Parameters: Reference Values and Interpretation

This is a compilation of biochemical parameters their reference range, results and interpretation for reference.

Sample Menu Plan

Diet Chart Managing Diabetes Smartly

Find here general meal plans of different calories(1200 Kcal, 1400 Kcal, 1600 Kcal, 1800 Kcal, 2000 Kcal) for a healthy sedentary adult. Note it does not take into consideration medical condition, current dietary intake, age, body composition, activity level, medical conditions or biochemical parameters.These plans can be modified as patient's needs.

24 hour Dietary Recall

24 hour recall helps to capture detailed information on all food and beverage (when, what and how much) the patient has consumed in past 24 hours. It gives an estimate of current dietary intake and helps dietitians to plan diets. Here is sample template of a 24 hour recall.