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Infant Formula Containing Lcpufa Supplementation Improves Infant’s Visual Acuity Up To 12 Months Of Age
Posted on Jan, 2018
Study endorses that various LCPUFAs play vital role in structure and function of retinal tissue, amongst all LCPUFAs, DHA is considered the most important LCPUFA for retinal cells. Retinal cells have the maximum concentration of DHA in the human body. A meta-analysis was conducted to gauge the significant advantage of LCPUFA supplementation in infant formulas on infant visual acuity at different phases of growth within the first 12 months of life. Meta-analysis was conducted on 10 trials assessing visual resolution acuity of 852 infants by using VEP method and twelve trials on 1095 infants by using BM. The result of meta-regression failed to show any significant association between the start of supplementation and duration of supplementation on the efficiency of LCPUFA on visual acuity, irrespective of the assessment method used. The result of meta-analysis offers strong evidence to support LCPUFA supplementation of infant formula to enhance infant visual development. Amongst both VEP method and BM, VEP method was more effective to detect more refined benefits of DHA, AA, and other LCPUFA supplementation that were not detected by BMs.
Ahmad Qawasmi, Angeli Landeros-Weisenberger, and Michael H. Bloch, MScorresponding authora, Jan 2013. Meta-analysis of LCPUFA Supplementation of Infant Formula and Visual Acuity. Pediatrics, 131(1): e262–e272
Impact Of Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Supplements On Neurodevelopment Of Full-term Newborn
Posted on Jan, 2018
It was known since more than a decade that breastfed infants had a better developmental outcome than infants fed supplementary kinds of milk. The current evaluation targets at studying the consequence of LCPUFA supplementation on neurodevelopmental consequence in full-term infants. Postnatal supplementation of a formula containing LCPUFA in full-term infants is related to a constructive effect on the short-term neurodevelopmental outcome. Brain development starts during the early phases of pregnancy with the proliferation of neurons in the germinal layers. In addition to neural cells, glial cells are also generated especially during the second half of gestation. The developmental changes in the brain have three practical suggestions for studies on the effect of LCPUFA supplementation. 1. The result of postnatal supplementation in pre-terms infants may vary from that in full-term infants. 2. Neurodevelopmental mechanisms to evaluate the consequence should be age-specific. 3. The impact of supplementation on neurodevelopmental consequence in early infancy may vary from those on the outcome at later age. DHA and AA can be obtained from the diet, but enzymes are unable to supply sufficient LCPUFA’s requirements until 16 weeks after term age. It is suggested that the effect of postnatal LCPUFA supplementation in term infants on early visual development may be dependent on DHA dosage.
Mijna Hadders-Algra, Aug 2010. Effect of Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Supplementation on Neurodevelopmental Outcome in Full-Term Infants. Nutrients, 2(8): 790–804.
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