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This section is specially dedicated to Nurses who play an important role in quality improvement of the babies and mothers. We have included modules to enhance the knowledge through audio-visual aids and reading material. Find useful topics like Infant growth and development, Kangaroo mother care and many more...

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Thermoregulation in Newborn babies by Dr. Nandini Nagar from Cloud Nine hospital, Jayanagar, Bangalore focusses on Hypothermia in the Newborn, Hyperthermia in the Newborn, Thermal protection of the low birth weight and sick newborns.

In this module, sections on 'Hypo- and Hyperthermia' provide detailed information on the risk factors, effects and signs, and their management in the newborn. 'Kangaroo Mother Care(KMC)' section demonstrates benefits, preparation, and finally, the procedure involved in KMC for taking care of low birth weight babies.

Please note, the content in this module is for general information and educational purpose only.

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